The Future of Global Flavor

The McCormick Flavor Forecast has been a leader in identifying emerging culinary trends that inspire a passion for flavor since 2000. Our global forecast pinpoints the forces that will drive culinary innovation around the world in the coming years.

No Apologies Necessary

In a rational rebellion against the “always-on” mindset of modern life, food lovers are making the conscious choice to stop and enjoy the moment. This unapologetic escape from everyday demands is a necessary break, a chance to savor each detail of the eating experience. Diving headfirst into sumptuous flavors, we are staking our claim to the pleasures we crave and the satisfaction we deserve until, finally, all seems right with the world.

Black Rum, Charred Orange & Allspice

An instant tropical getaway, this sultry collision balances richness and warmth.

Personally Handcrafted

In a mouthwatering expression of identity and pride, home cooks and chefs are expanding a hands-on approach to food by personally crafting and perfecting signature ingredients and recipes. They take pleasure in this pursuit and are confident that by putting in a little extra time and effort, they can deliver the truest flavors and showcase the very best of themselves. Communities of like-minded enthusiasts are coming together around this craft to share vibrant, authentic eating experiences.

Smoked Tomato, Rosemary, Chile Peppers & Sweet Onion

Smoky, sweet and spicy flavors energize handcrafted ketchup, sauces, jams and more.

Empowered Eating

People are shifting their relationship with food to make it more thoughtful, personal and connected to their overall health. Picking and choosing from diverse eating plans, they achieve “Food Zen” through a highly personalized, flexible approach that can change from day to day or even from meal to meal. After years of extremes and feeling out of control about food, they are empowered by this more sustainable lifestyle – and finally finding harmony in “what’s right for me.”

Farro Grain, Blackberry & Clove

Healthy ancient grain rediscovered with powerful hits of fruit and spice.

Hidden Potential

To uncover the possibilities locked within ingredients, food lovers are liberating stunning flavors from produce to proteins. They are artfully transforming underutilized parts like leaves and stems, and less familiar meat cuts and seafood into extraordinary meals. Creative cooking methods, a passion for discovery and a "waste-not" mentality drive this effort to coax full flavors out of every last part of the ingredient.

Artichoke, Paprika & Hazelnut

Ingredients you thought you knew invite new exploration to unleash their deliciously versatile starring qualities.

Hearty Meat Cuts, Plantain & Stick Cinnamon

A new take on meat and potatoes, these ingredients inspire creative approaches that unlock their full flavor potential.

Global My Way

Food fans are exploring a new way of cooking and eating inspired not by traditional global cuisines, but by individual ingredients valued for their unique flavors. While still identified with particular cultures, these ingredients are no longer being limited to their native uses. Cooks are seamlessly incorporating these worldly elements into everyday cooking.

Japanese Katsu Sauce & Oregano

Tangy flavors of BBQ and steak sauce create the next go-to condiment.