As a global leader in flavor with a family of brands in 100 countries, McCormick® has been on the forefront of identifying emerging culinary trends with our signature Flavor Forecast®.  Since 2000, this annual look at the future of flavor has played a distinctive role in sparking a spirit of discovery worldwide. An extension of McCormick’s leadership in the food industry, the release of each Flavor Forecast is highly anticipated, acting as a catalyst for innovation among food manufacturers and foodservice professionals everywhere.

To develop this global report, McCormick assembles a dynamic group of our experts — including chefs, culinary kitchens, sensory scientists, dietitians, trend trackers, marketing experts and food technologists — from across the globe. It involves a year-long process of culinary exploration, data discovery and insight development. During a rigorous vetting process, the Flavor Forecast team holds a global summit to establish possible themes, pooling insights and expertise from McCormick’s regional locations, spanning Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and North America.

For the Flavor Forecast 2013, this global exploration process revealed a common thread connecting food cultures around the world: In restaurants and kitchens far and wide, cooks are elevating authentic ingredients through individualized inspirations, modern sensibilities and innovative techniques. The result? A delicious medley of unique flavor experiences that is more creative, more diverse and much more personal. Highlighting the world’s evolving and intensely personal approach to food, the Flavor Forecast 2013 highlights five global themes brought to life through 10 flavor combinations.

As the art and science of flavor continues to evolve, McCormick, through the Flavor Forecast, will stay on the forefront, shaping the tastes and food experiences of the future — a hallmark of our passion for flavor.

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A global team of McCormick chefs collaborated on the Flavor Forecast 2013, offering insights into emerging culinary movements and flavors relevant in their regions. From China to Mexico, this cosmopolitan group of career chefs, innovation pros, nutrition experts and flavor fanatics bring unique expertise and a passion for flavor to this groundbreaking report.

Our Chefs